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Organizational Charts and Staff Directory

The Division of Human Resources is responsible for the overall management of the quality of the State's Human Resources functions and services, including strategic planning, directing, developing and implementing a statewide program of personnel administration, labor relations, employee benefits, training and development and Workers' Compensation for State employees. The Division is comprised of a number of subprograms:

  • Office of the Executive Director of Human Resources/Personnel Administrator - responsible for the administrative and technical execution of the statutory mandates of the Personnel Administrator and administers the provisions of law, rules and regulations relating to the operation of the State's merit system.
  • Human Capital Management - provides services for all agencies and programs within State government related to job classification (descriptions), compensation, civil service and non-civil service examinations, job classification reviews (desk audits), performance development, and consultation on organizational design and development.
  • HR Business Partners - responsible for serving as the primary point of contact for agencies needing HR assistance and services while serving as a proactive advisor to Agency leadership.
  • Labor and Employee Relations - responsible for representing management in the interpretation and administration of collective bargaining contracts between the State of Rhode Island and its employees and employee organizations and maintaining positive labor-management relations between the State and its employees, resolving disputes regarding terms and conditions of employment between the State and employee organizations, representing management in grievance proceedings, and enforcing work rules in a consistent and equitable manner to ensure a well-ordered and effective workforce.
  • Talent Management - provides a wide range of services to all agencies for recruitment, hiring, onboarding, personnel transactions and oversees the management and administration of in-service training and development programs. This office also administers the Employee Savings Bond Program, Career Awards Program, Charitable Campaigns, and by providing office management services.
  • HR Data and Payroll - responsible for all aspects of payroll processing, data management including the review/auditing of all personnel transactions for all branches of state government for conformance to merit system law, personnel rules, union contract provisions and state policy and procedures (including but not limited to accrued hours adjustments and civil service list certifications).
  • Office of Employee Benefits - responsible for the administration of benefit programs including, but not limited to medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, life insurance and disability plans for State employees and qualified retirees. The Office of Employee Benefits also develops, recommends and installs new/modified plans, ensures compliance with all applicable laws/regulations and oversees the State's wellness initiatives.
  • Disability Management and Workers' Compensation - this office includes a dedicated, centralized Disability Management Unit as well as being responsible for planning, directing, administering, and supervising the State's Workers' Compensation Program.

Division of Human Resources Staff Directories

The directories below list the names and contact information for staff for in specific offices within Human Resources. If you have a general question or need help with identifying who can best assist you, please call 401-222-2160.

Non-Executive Branch Staff Directory

The directory below lists the names and contact information for staff at agencies, commissions, and boards that are outside of the Executive Branch.

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