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How to "Read" A Job Specification (Description)

Job specifications (descriptions) for titles in the classified branch of State service contain the same categories of information in a standard format. Each job specification includes:

  • the Class Title which includes the following information:

    Class Title - The official job title of the classification.
    Class Code - A unique eight-digit number assigned to each job specification.
    Pay Grade - A grade number followed by a letter which assists readers in identifying the appropriate pay grade/salary on the classified pay schedule based on the associated union affiliation of the position. For further information on determining the correct salary range for a job classification, please click here.
    EO - The code associated with the Equal Opportunity job category the classification falls under. Click on the following link for a description of job categories.

    Sample Job Specification Header
  • the Class Definition which includes the following information:

    General Statement of Duties - Summary statement that defines the kind, level, purpose, and major functions and responsibilities of the job.
    Supervision Received - The degree of oversight received by an employee in the the job classification from their superior(s).
    Supervision Exercised - The degree of oversight exercised by an employee in the job classification over other State employee(s).

    Sample Job Specification Class Definition - Clerk Typist
  • Illustrative Examples of Work Performed which includes the following information: Illustrative Examples of Work Performed - A list of typical tasks or examples of work which are common to positions of the job classification. These examples show the range of duties encompassed by positions allocated to the job classification. They are not intended, however, to define or limit the duties that may be assigned to employees. One position may not perform each and every duty listed while another position may perform similar duties that are not specifically listed in the illustrative examples of work performed section of the job specification.

    Sample Job Specification Illustrative Examples of Work Performed - Clerk Typist
  • the Required Qualifications for Appointment which includes the following information: Knowledges, Skills and Capacities - A list of attributes required of an employee upon initial appointment to a position. These represent minimum knowledges, skills and capacities.
    Education - The minimum amount of training and/or educational level necessary for appointment to a position.
    Experience - The minimum amount of experience necessary for appointment to a position.
    "Or" Clause - Some job specifications include an "Or" clause which recognizes that a combination of education and experience may be deemed substantially equivalent to the stated education and experience requirements.
    Note/Special Requirement - Appears when a job requires certification, training, registration, or the possession of a license. Some classifications require the employee maintain the required certification, registration, or license as a condition of employment, which is done so at the expense of the employee.

    Sample Job Specification Knowledge, Skills & Capacities - Clerk Typist
    Sample Job Specification - Education, Experience, Special Requirements - Clerk Typist