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Office of Employee Services, Payroll, Data (responsible for all aspects of payroll processing, data management including the review/auditing of all personnel transactions for all branches of state government for conformance to merit system law, personnel rules, union contract provisions and state policy and procedures (including but not limited to accrued hours adjustments and civil service list certifications).

1 Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908

Reyna Aguilar 574-9275 reyna.aguilar@hr.ri.gov
Cheryl Allen 222-6926, x 4602 cheryl.allen@dot.ri.gov
Brianne Aspinall 574-9268 Brianne.Aspinall@hr.ri.gov
Andreina Batista 574-9266 Andreina.Batista@hr.ri.gov
Martha Boffa 222-6926, x 4601
Brenda Duquette 222-6926, x 4600 brenda.lee.duquette@dot.ri.gov
Cindy Flores 222-2291 cindy.flores@hr.ri.gov
Helen Foisy 574-9269 Helen.Foisy@hr.ri.gov
A. Marga Fox 574-9272 marga.fox@hr.ri.gov
Emilia Girard 462-5113 emilia.girard@doc.ri.gov
Jessica Hubbard 222-5909 jessica.hubbard@hr.ri.gov
Lisa Huoy 574-9271 Lisa.Huoy@hr.ri.gov
Sue Jay 275-4648 susan.c.jay.nfg@mail.mil
Joan Kelley 574-9326 joan.kelley@hr.ri.gov
Sambo Lieng 222-5721 sambo.lieng@hr.ri.gov
Tammy Lonardo 574-9273 tammy.lonardo@hr.ri.gov
Melanie Marcaccio 222-8233 melanie.marcaccio@hr.ri.gov
Brittny Medeiros 222-2293 brittny.medeiros@hr.ri.gov
Anna Moreau 574-9267 Anna.Moreau@hr.ri.gov
Kathleen Ouimette 574-9270 Kathy.Ouimette@hr.ri.gov
Patricia Sisti 574-9325 patricia.sisti@hr.ri.gov
Suzanne Waltonen 462-5114 suzanne.waltonen@doc.ri.gov
Jennifer Warnick 574-9325 Jennifer.Warnick@hr.ri.gov