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Recruitment, Staffing, Employment and Training (provides a wide range of services to all agencies for recruitment, hiring, onboarding, personnel transactions and oversees the management and administration of in-service training and development programs. This office also administers the Employee Savings Bond Program, Career Awards Program, Charitable Campaigns, and by providing office management services).

1 Capitol Hill, 3rd Floor, Providence, RI 02908

Frances Cirillo 222-6699 frances.cirillo@hr.ri.gov
Wallys D'Agostino 574-9265 Wallys.Dagostino@hr.ri.gov
Sandra DaRocha 574-9264 Sandra.DaRocha@hr.ri.gov
Deborah Dawson 222-3454 Deborah.Dawson@hr.ri.gov
Jestina Dee 222-6392 jestina.dee@hr.ri.gov
Kelly Durkin-Murray 222-1238 Kelly.DurkinMurray@hr.ri.gov
Joanne Francis 574-9258 joanne.francis@hr.ri.gov
Irene Godin 222-2200 Irene.Godin@hr.ri.gov
Kelly Liles 222-6439 Kelly.Liles@hr.ri.gov
Linda Lora 574-9259 Linda.Lora@hr.ri.gov
Florence Mercurio 574-9257 Florence.Mercurio@hr.ri.gov
Ellen Moan 574-9256 Ellen.Moan@hr.ri.gov
Maria Morrison 574-9261 Maria.Morrison@hr.ri.gov
Nancy Nixon 574-9262 Nancy.Nixon@hr.ri.gov
Nadine Ramos 574-9263 Nadine.Ramos@hr.ri.gov
Becky Rodrigues 222-4045 Becky.Rodrigues@hr.ri.gov
Ninoska Rodriguez 222-2276 Ninoska.Rodriguez@hr.ri.gov
Giselle Rodriguez 462-5120 giselle.rodriguez@hr.ri.gov
Jane Ryan 462-5119 Jane.Ryan@doc.ri.gov
Lyn Soderlund 574-9260 Lyn.Soderlund@hr.ri.gov
Cheryl Wilkes 222-2572, Ext. 4614 Cheryl.Wilkes@dot.ri.gov
Training Unit:      
Kathy Sisson 222-2918 Kathy.Sisson@hr.ri.gov
Melissa Day 222-2178 Melissa.Day@hr.ri.gov