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Office of Site Operations (responsible for serving as the primary point of contact for agencies needing HR assistance and services while serving as a proactive advisor to Agency leadership. This office includes a dedicated, centralized Disability Management Division).

Benjamin Rush Bldg., #55, 600 New London Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920

Judy DiGiorgio 462-1847 judith.digiorgio@hr.ri.gov
Michael Fitzpatrick 462-5818 michael.fitzpatrick@hr.ri.gov
Michelle Fournier 222-6880 michelle.fournier@hr.ri.gov
Alison Glavin 462-1896 alison.glavin@hr.ri.gov
Lois Hayes 462-5122 lois.hayes@hr.ri.gov
Marie Joseph 462-3386 marie.joseph@hr.ri.gov
Jessica LeBlanc 462-1769 jessica.leblanc@hr.ri.gov
Michele McMahon 462-5123 michele.mcmahon@doc.ri.gov
Pamela Moscarelli 462-1897 pamela.moscarelli@hr.ri.gov
Lori Ann Pouliot 462-5112 loriann.pouliot@hr.ri.gov
Jeff Pagano 462-2041 jeffrey.pagano@hr.ri.gov
Paul Pysz 222-2572 paul.pysz@dot.ri.gov
Karen Quinlan 462-2586 karen.quinlan@hr.ri.gov
Veronica Rendina 462-2587 veronica.rendina@hr.ri.gov
Matt Ryan 462-1901 matt.ryan@hr.ri.gov
Jennifer Scholl 222-4700 x4601 jennifer.scholl@hr.ri.gov
Karen Shaw 462-6188 karen.shaw@doc.ri.gov
Genevieve Simard 462-3423 genevieve.simard@hr.ri.gov
Tony Teixeira 462-1899 antonio.teixeira@hr.ri.gov
Disabilty Unit:      
Bethany Johnson 462-6482 bethany.johnson@hr.ri.gov
Christine Lapham 462-0753 christine.lapham@hr.ri.gov
Karen Dutra 462-2083 karen.dutra@hr.ri.gov
Karen Zambarano 462-2482 karen.zambarano@hr.ri.gov
Kathy Sherman 462-5336 kathy.sherman@hr.ri.gov
Nancy Morgan 462-6203 nancy.morgan@hr.ri.gov
Stacey Suazo 462-2772 stacey.suazo@hr.ri.gov