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Labor Relations Unit (responsible for representing management in the interpretation and administration of collective bargaining contracts between the State of Rhode Island and its employees and employee organizations and maintaining positive labor-management relations between the State and its employees, resolving disputes regarding terms and conditions of employment between the State and employee organizations, representing management in grievance proceedings, and enforcing work rules in a consistent and equitable manner to ensure a well-ordered and effective workforce. Such duties may include: interpreting and administering personnel policies and collective bargaining agreements; monitoring compliance with all labor contract terms and conditions of employment; providing advice and counsel to management on labor relations issues and management’s responsibilities under the collective bargaining agreements; providing guidance to managers and supervisors on employment related actions such as reorganization, layoff, discipline, termination, or other related employee/management issues; negotiating and ensuring the implementation of collective bargaining settlements and agreements; managing and conducting second level employee grievance hearings and rendering decisions: representing State departments in grievance and arbitration hearings; and assisting in the development and monitoring of personnel policies and procedures.)

1 Capitol Hill, 3rd Floor, Providence, RI 02908
Phone: 222-6681

Jacqueline Kelley Human Resources Associate Director, Labor Relations 222·6846 Jacqueline.Kelley@hr.ri.gov
Dan Ballirano Human Resources Program Administrator, Labor Relations 222·4939 Dan.Ballirano@hr.ri.gov
Pat Cannon Assistant Hearing Officer, Labor Relations 222-5812 Patrick.Cannon@hr.ri.gov
Suzy Melo Human Resources Technician, Labor Relations 222-6681 suzy.melo@hr.ri.gov