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Mentorship Program

The Department of Administration Employee Engagement and Development Working Group has developed the Mentorship Program, a ten-week opportunity designed to partner mentors and mentees and provide the opportunity to share professional knowledge and skills that help both individuals grow and develop. Through the application process, mentees are asked what they would like to gain or achieve by participating in the program. Examples are: develop communication skills, develop professional skills, learn more about the Department of Administration, improve networking abilities, learn more about functions of state government, and better understand the interplay between public- and private-sector work. The Mentorship Program is not designed to be a training class or a job shadow program. Mentors and mentees must get supervisor approval to participate.

Applications for the Mentorship Program will be accepted beginning June 10, 2019 through June 21, 2019. Members of the Mentorship Sub-Committee will review all applications and select partnerships. Participants will be notified and will have a chance to meet their mentor/mentee prior to the start of the program. Mentors will receive training on July 24, 2019.

The ten-week program will begin with a kick-off meeting on July 30, 2019. Mentors and mentees will then schedule a minimum of ten, 30 minute sessions to work toward a pre-approved goal. The program end date is the week of October 21, 2019.  During the ten-week program, a member of the Mentorship Sub-Committee will schedule two check-in points with the mentor and mentee to offer guidance and ensure the goal remains on target. At the end of the program, the Mentorship Sub-Committee will also conduct an exit interview to receive feedback on the program.

Find out more about the Mentorship Program in our Benefits of the Mentorship Program and FAQs pages.