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Training for Supervisors

  • Our supervisors are faced with the every day responsibility of effectively managing their employees.  Managing Performance Expectations - Turning Managerial Challenges into Positive Results is a training program developed by the Department of Administration to train all levels of managers free of charge on how to identify and communicate performance expectations to their subordinates and to turn those managerial challenges into positive results.  For more information about this course and how to enroll, contact Jessica Hubbard at 222-5909 or by email..


Legal Obligations

  • Conflict(s) of Interest/Recusal - As the Rhode Island Ethics Commission explains, the Code of Ethics provides that public officials and employees must file a statement of conflict of interest, or recusal form, concerning matters where he or she may have a conflict of interest in the discharge of his or her official duties. A conflict of interest may exist if an official or employee can reasonably expect that his or her official conduct will directly result in a financial benefit to the official, his or her family, business associates, employers, or businesses that the official represents. The conflict need not be certain to occur, but the probability must be greater than "conceivably."

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