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This handbook is provided only as guidance to the State of Rhode Island (“State”) employees on matters related to employment benefits and polices with the State of Rhode Island.

This handbook does not:  (1) state contractual terms; (2) create or imply any legal or contractual rights, terms or any past practices; (3) create just cause employment relationship where otherwise does not exist; (4) modify and/or limit the reasons or procedures for termination or (5) constitute a modification of the employment relationship; or, (6) constitute a contract between the State and its employees, applicants for employment or parties who do business with the State.  If employment with the State is on an at-will basis, this handbook does not alter the at-will relationship between the State and the employee that may be terminated at any time.

The State in its sole discretion may at any time and without notice unilaterally modify, interpret, suspend, add, change, deviate from, revoke or delete, in whole or in part, any of the provisions in this handbook or policies, plans, procedures, programs, practices or benefits, except as expressly prohibited by collective bargaining agreements, statutes or personnel rules.

The handbook is not intended to substitute, replace, override or modify any existing federal and state laws, agency rules, regulations and policies or express terms of a collective bargaining agreement, nor be inclusive of every policy (together “laws, policies and agreements”).  Such laws, policies and agreements are subject to change and revision and the most current version of those laws, policies and agreements shall always be the official documents upon which a ruling will be based or interpretation made.

This Disclaimer also applies to any and all policies and department handbooks.