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Employee Handbook Information

Listed below are topic areas relevant to your employment with the State of Rhode Island. The topic areas and their content will be continually updated and expanded in effort to provide as much information as possible. In many cases, topic areas may also appear within and may be modified by union Collective Bargaining Agreements.

This handbook is not intended to state contractual terms and does not constitute a contract between the State of Rhode Island and it's employees, applicants for employment or parties who do business with the State of Rhode Island. This handbook is provided only as guidance to employees. This document is also not a complete review of policies and procedures that regulate the day to day human resources functions of State goverment. However, this document should provide answers to many of your questions about your personal responbilities and the benefits of working for the State of Rhode Island.

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Administrative Guidelines/Policies

Subject Last Review Format
Agency Specific Policies10-20-2010
Change of Address Request9-22-2010
Computer Use - Acceptable Use Policy9-22-2010
Dress Code9-22-2010
Employee Conduct - Ethics9-22-2010
Equal Employment Opportunity - Affirmative Action 9-22-2010
Fraud Policy1-24-2011
Fundraising in State Offices8-30-2010
Harassment - Discrimination9-22-2010
Hatch Act and Political Activity8-30-2010
Litigation Hold Policy9-22-2010
Personnel Files9-22-2010
Records Retention9-22-2010
Sexual Harassment8-27-2010
State Vehicle Usage - Mileage8-27-2010
Telephone Usage - Personal Calls8-27-2010


Subject Last Review Format
Birth of a Child8-12-2010
Cancer Plan (Optional) 8-12-2010
Career Awards8-12-2010
Deferred Compensation (Optional) 8-12-2010
Flexible Spending (Optional) 8-12-2010
Group Life Insurance (Optional) 8-12-2010
Health Insurance9-22-2010
Medical Waiver8-12-2010
Newly Married8-12-2010
Parking 8-12-2010
Prepaid Legal (Optional) 8-12-2010
Short Term Disability (Optional) 8-12-2010


Subject Last Review Format
Acting Assignments (3 Day Rules)9-22-2010
Civil Service Examination9-22-2010
Classification Questionnaires9-22-2010
Special Requirements9-22-2010


Subject Last Review Format
Direct Deposit8-30-2010
Longevity Chart by Group10-20-2011
Pay Checks8-30-2010
Pay Reduction Fiscal Year 20098-30-2010
Pay Reductions Fiscal Year 2010 & 20118-30-2010
Prior Service11-01-2011
Salary Increases8-30-2010
Shift Differential8-30-2010
Social Security8-30-2010
Union Dues8-30-2010

Health & Safety

Subject Last Review Format
CDL Drug & Alcohol Testing9-22-2010
Drug Free Workplace Policy11-16-2010
Employee Assistance Program9-22-2010
Identification Cards & Badges11-02-2011
Reasonable Accommodation9-22-2010
Wellness Program9-22-2010
Workers' Compensation Injuries - Claims9-22-2010


Subject Last Review Format
Administrative Leave9-22-2010
Adverse Weather - Unusual Conditions9-22-2010
Bereavement Leave9-22-2010
Jury Duty9-22-2010
Leave Without Pay9-22-2010
Military Leave & Military Training Leave9-22-2010
Pay Reduction Leave9-22-2010
Personal Leave9-22-2010
Religious Observance9-22-2010
Sick Leave with Pay9-22-2010
Sick Leave Banks9-22-2010
Sick Leave in Advance of Accrual9-22-2010
Special Time Off9-22-2010
Vacation Leave9-22-2010

Optional Programs

Subject Last Review Format
CollegeBound Saver7-20-2016
Educational Incentive Program 9-22-2010
Employee Suggestion Program 9-22-2010
Savings Bonds 9-22-2010
State Employees Charitable Appeal (SECA) 9-22-2010

Time and Attendance

Subject Last Review Format
Exception Hours9-22-2010
Hours of Work11-03-2016
Meal - Break Periods9-22-2010
Union Business9-22-2010


Complete Employee Handbook (PDF) -under construction

For additional information, go to the Policies and Rules page and the Labor Relations Center.