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What's New

  • DUE DATES FOR EMPLOYER PROVIDED VEHICLES A-51 FORMS (CFO 14-01) - For information from the State Controller's office regarding the A-51 form (Annual Statement of Personal Usage for State Vehicles), click here.
  • Our supervisors are faced with the every day responsibility of effectively managing their employees.  Managing Performance Expectations - Turning Managerial Challenges into Positive Results is a training program developed by the Department of Administration to train all levels of managers on how to identify and communicate performance expectations to their subordinates and to turn those managerial challenges into positive results.  For more information about this course and how to enroll, click here.
  • The current accrual year will end on Saturday, December 27, 2014. Under current labor contracts and personnel policies, employees at the end of the accrual year may carry over to the next year up to two years of previously accrued vacation.  Any vacation accruals over two years are deemed excess; employees must discharge all excess vacation accruals on or before December 27, 2014.  As of that date, any unused excess vacation accruals will be forfeited.  No extension will be granted to discharge unused excess vacation accruals. New calendar year up front days will be credited to employees beginning January 1, 2015. Personal Leave must be discharged on or before December 31, 2014. For those retiring/terminating:  In order to qualify for payment for the “current” vacation leave accrual for calendar year 2014, ending Saturday, December 27, 2014, the retiring employee’s effective date of retirement must be on or before Saturday, December 27, 2014.

Based on your years of service, your allowable carryover is:

    Years of Service
    35/NS Hr. Work Week
    40 Hr. Work Week
    0-5 Years
    140 Hours
    160 Hours
    5-10 Years
    210 Hours
    240 Hours
    10-15 Years
    252 Hours
    288 Hours
    15-20 Years
    280 Hours
    320 Hours
    20-25 Years
    364 Hours
    416 Hours
    25+ Years
    392 Hours
    448 Hours
  • New Employees: Your State of Rhode Island 401(a) Defined Contribution Retirement Plan, also know as the Rhode to Retirement program, is managed by TIAA-CREF. Once hired, employees are automatically enrolled in a new TIAA-CREF account and will receive a Welcome Kit. Beginning with your first paycheck, a percentage of your compensation, along with your employer’s contribution, will be contributed to your TIAA-CREF investment account.
  • The Office of Employee Benefits has announced the 2013-2014 Rewards for Wellness Program, where eligible employees can earn up to $500 in co-share incentive credits for participating in wellness programs and screenings.  For more information, go to their website or click here.
  • Please review the document entitled Political Activities - RI State Law and Federal Hatch Act Restrictions which provides guidance and statutory references regarding  parameters for political activity by State employees.
  • Effective July 1, 2012, the rate used to reimburse State employees for use of their personally owned vehicles on state business has been increased from $0.51 per mile to $0.555 per mile. Please note that the State reimbursement rate is adjusted according to the rate set by the federal General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA has recently adjusted their rate to the Internal Revenue Service rate of $0.555 per mile. This rate should also be used to reimburse volunteers who use their own vehicles on state business. All in-state reimbursement forms have been revised to reflect the change. Updated reimbursement form »
  • Active Employees: You should have received several important mailings from TIAA-CREF including a Transition Guide and Welcome Kit confirming the enrollment in your new Rhode to Retirement defined contribution plan. If you have not received these mailings, it may be because your address with the Retirement System is incorrect or out-of-date. Please contact TIAA-CREF immediately at 1-800-897-1026 to update your address and these important documents will be promptly mailed to your correct address.
  • A Policy on Social Networking was recently issued by the Department of Administration Division of Information Technology. This policy establishes guidelines for State agencies, departments, vendors, employees and any individuals with access rights to the State's networks regarding the use of Web 2.0 Social Networking sites, including, but not limited to, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedln and Blogger.