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Salary Ranges

A "Pay Grade" for the job classification (title) is indicated at the top of each classified job specification (description). For example, the job specification for "Clerk Typist" reads, in part, as follows:

Sample Job Specification Header with Pay Grade Highlighted

The "Pay Grade" is shown in a job description as a number followed by a letter. In this case, the "Clerk Typist" title is assigned a pay grade 07A.

Pay schedules are assigned based on union or non-union affiliation of the position. To locate the appropriate pay schedule, you must know if the position with that title is non-union or union, and, if union, which union the position is represented by. Navigate to the classified pay schedule page to access the appropriate union or non-union pay schedule. For positions that are posted on the Job Opportunities in Rhode Island Government page, the grade, appropriate union or non-union affiliation and salary range is listed on the vacancy notice.

The letter in the "pay grade" identifies the type of pay schedule assigned to that job title. The following is a list of codes identifying the type of classified pay schedule along with the meaning of each code.

Code Definition
A Annual Wage
F Flat Annual Wage
H Hourly Wage
G Abbreviated Hourly Wage
D Daily Wage
W Weekly Wage


Once you select a union or non-union affiliation, you will see these codes immediately following the salary schedule number on the classified pay schedule page (i.e. 100A = Schedule 100 Annual Salaries, 300G = Schedule 300 Abbreviated Hourly Salaries, etc.).

The number located on the job specification is used to locate the appropriate salary range on the pay schedule. For example, if this position was non-union, the highlighted pay range below would correspond to the appropriate salary range for this position. The schedule shown below is an excerpt of the Schedule 100 and is not a complete representation of the entire pay schedule.

Sample Pay Schedule - Pay Grade 107A