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Rhode Island Employee Handbook

Greetings, colleagues!

I am excited to share with you the newly redesigned State of Rhode Island Employee Handbook! This is an interactive, digital handbook that provides an overview of many of the policies and procedures that matter to you as you navigate your state employment.

This handbook has been designed in a way that will make it easy to find the answers to questions you may have about a rule or work expectations. As you enter the handbook, you will be directed to our Rhody Rules, which covers topics involving employment. The Rhody Rules section contains policy summaries with links to the full policies where applicable. You can also conduct a search to quickly and easily find the information you need. We also encourage you to take a moment to browse the site – there is a wealth of information about the Division of Human Resources and about Rhode Island sites and history that may be of interest to you. We want you to know as much as possible about the state you serve!

A few things to note before you jump into the State of Rhode Island Handbook:

If you are interested in information regarding your state benefits, such as medical, dental, and life insurance, please visit the Office of Employee Benefits website. This is a robust resource that will provide to you with detailed benefits information. If you are specifically looking for information about retirement benefits, your best resource is the Employees Retirement System of Rhode Island (ERSRI) website.

Direct links are provided below to both sites, as well as a link to Commonly Used Terms, a site which will help you better understand the terminology used throughout the Rhody Rules.

One final note: We value your thoughts and invite you to take the time to send us a message using the message form on the “Contact Us” page. We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback so we may continue to improve and grow this site to better serve you.

I hope you enjoy this new resource and find it helpful, engaging and valuable. Thank you for your commitment to our beautiful State of Rhode Island – it is a wonderful place to live, work and play and your public service is greatly appreciated!