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Applying for a State Job

Interested in a career with the State of Rhode Island?

What do I submit for consideration for a Job Vacancy Notice?

Please note: that applications submitted without a reference to a current job posting will not be accepted.

If you are applying for a State job, it is critical that you read the job posting carefully so that you know the minimum qualifications necessary for the job as well as the application period for the posting and further instructions on how to apply. Please note that applications are to be sent to the individual, agency or office specified at the bottom of the vacancy notice. Applications sent to an incorrect individual, agency or office will not be accepted.

State employees must include the following information with their application packet:

  • The job title of the position for which they are applying
  • The job title of the current classification they hold
  • The name of the Department where they are currently employed
  • Their present union and local affiliation
  • The date they entered their current position
  • The date they entered State service
  • Their business telephone number

Union members should consult your specific collective bargaining agreement for information regarding the bidding process and seniority provisions.

What happens after I submit my application materials?

At the close of the application period, state officials review the application materials and select candidates for interview based on union affiliation (if applicable) and qualifications required for appointment to that job classification.

  • What if my application is received late? Applications received after the close of the application period will not be considered.
  • What if I need an Accomodation for the interview? Reasonable accommodations are provided for individuals with disabilities, upon request, by contacting Thomas Mannock: (401) 222-6377 or 711 (RI Relay)..

Bureau of Criminal Investigation Record (BCI)

In accordance with the Personnel Rules, Human Resources must request a criminal record check when an offer of employment is extended for hire. Convictions listed either on the employment application or criminal record are verified with the prospective employee. Those convictions deemed pertinent to the position sought by the applicant may be grounds for refusal to hire. Inconsistent or falsified information supplied on an application may also be deemed sufficient reason not to hire.

All BCI records must be issued by the state the prospective employee resides in. Rhode Island BCI records issued by local or municipal law enforcement offices or others are not accepted. The Rhode Island Attorney General's Office requires a check or money order (no cash) for $5.00 payable to BCI for all BCI record requests. For further information on the Rhode Island BCI record request process, see the RI Attorney General's Bureau of Criminal Identification website.

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Resources for Individuals with a Disability

Please note: If a job applicant is unable to perform any essential job functions because of his/her disability, but can achieve the required results by means of a "reasonable accomodation," then the individual shall not be considered unqualified for the position. Reasonable accommodations are provided for individuals with disabilities, upon request, by contacting James Pitassi: (401) 222-6395 or 711 (RI Relay).