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Office of Learning and Development


The Rhode Island Learning Center: The Office of Learning and Development is pleased to announce the launch of the Rhode Island Learning Center, an online learning management system (LMS) designed to help further employee development and foster professional growth. The Rhode Island Learning Center allows employees to register, track and participate in online courses, certificate programs, evaluations, tests, curricula development and more. The Office of Learning and Development is excited about this new training tool, which will enhance our ability to provide quality learning opportunities for State of Rhode Island employees. https://www.epathcampus.com/rhodeislandlearningcenter/login/index.html

Login to LMS

Lunch and Learn: DOA runs monthly sessions where invited speakers give instructional talks to employees while they eat.  This “Brown Bag” series offers an opportunity for volunteers to participate in informal training sessions on a variety of topics. 

New Employee Orientation:  Held on the first Wednesday of each month, this program is the introductory training for all new State employees.  The goal of New Employee Orientation is to help new employees feel welcome, integrated into the State, and to provide needed information to be successful as a State employee.  Employees hear from our governor, Human Resources, Rhode Island Ethics Commission, Employee Benefits, Division of Information Technology and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Opportunity.

Workshop Series:  The Rhode Island Learning and Development Office runs workshops to support professional development and learning in Rhode Island.   These workshops are offered to all agencies and seating is limited to 40 people per session. 

Incentive Program:  All employees successfully completing an approved 4-credit curriculum will receive a salary increase.   State employees can earn incentive credit by taking courses offered by the Office of Learning and Development (academies and/or OTD courses), approved courses offered by their agency, or employees can request credit for courses taken independently.   All employees must follow the rules outlined in the Key Points document (all requests must be made prior to the class start date, must be directly job related to the employee’s current job duties, each course must be 15 hours for 1/2 credit and/or 24 hours for 1 credit and course level must be appropriate to the employee’s job classification).